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    How to Establish Medical Office Communications

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    Efficient communication in the medical field is very important, especially between patients and the doctor or medical assistant.

    Explain the basic process of effective communication. Discuss the importance of communication in providing excellent customer service. Identify the advantages and disadvantages of effective communication in the medical environment, and discuss how nonverbal communication plays a role in the communication process and provide examples.

    Create a scenario in which effective communication was utilized and achieved. Also, create a scenario in which effective communication was not utilized or achieved, and explain what went wrong.

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    The basic process of effective communication requires all information about a specific subject or request be explained, in a clear, concise manner. Remembering to explain the following:

    who: the patient if directly addressing the patient or speaking to the physician about the patient
    what: what is the patient expected to do or what is the central problem the patient is experience
    when: explain to the patient when he/she will be seen by the physician, explain when the patient called about the complaint and when symptoms began
    where: If the patient must go for x-rays or diagnostic tests, give directions. If speaking to the physician about the patient, is patient at home or out in the waiting room
    why: explain why the patient is required to complete medical forms. Explain to physician why the patient is calling, does patient need advice, does the patient want to see the physician, does the patient want a refill on medication

    Advantages of effective communication in the medical office include:

    More efficient and effective treatment of patients
    Better service to patients
    enhanced working relationship between patient and physician or health care ...

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    The analysis in this solution discusses the necessary elements for effective communication in the medical office, between staff members and between staff and patients. It also provides examples of problems that occurred as a result of ineffective communication.