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Capstone Course GEN 480

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I am in the process of writing a paper about creating a Healthcare Consulting Group I am trying to figure what title, and duties/responsibilties would be best for my skills.

For instance with my skills that are listed below would I be good as a Human Resources part of Healthcare, project Manager, Marketing etc..

My skills are good written and verbal communicator, organizationed, time management, customer friendly, patient, proficient w/ Word, Excel, MS Works, Powerpoint, I am good at dealing with unexpected circumstances in a clam and competent manner.

Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

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Based on what you have written Marketing would be great for you. Some of the characteristics required in marketing are:
Excellent communicator, customer friendly, proficient in PowerPoint, patient, great in dealing with uncertainty, organized, time manager.
Notice that all of these characteristics are from what you have written. If you can communicate well you will be a great salesman, if you are customer friendly and can do presentations in PowerPoint you will be asked to present at your customers office. The mark of a good marketing person is how politely and diplomatically he deals with uncertain situations. Being organized and being good in time management will always help you in any job.

Healthcare Marketing Jobs covers all areas of marketing such as marketing management, public relations, advertising, communications, planning, strategy, business development, managed care, physician services, research, direct marketing, sales, promotion, and the Internet. Positions are entry level to senior management.
I have pasted below some of the position descriptions (these will give you an idea of ...

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