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    Thoughtlessly vs. Mindlessly

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    I'm not looking for a ready to submit assignment, but ideas and suggestions that I can continue to develop. The assignment requires in-text citation and references, so that can help too. Thank you so much for helping me ;-)


    Present a situation in which you acted or reacted 'mindlessly' (see web links below), rather than thoughtfully, and which did not turn out well for you. Using the critical thinking concepts discussed in Chapter 1 and concepts of Chapter 8 and/or from the internet, which specific, more effective thinking strategies could you have utilized in that situation and what might have been a more positive outcome? The thinking strategies you discuss must be research-related, not personal opinions.

    In your own words, please post a response to the Discussion Board and comment on other postings. You will be graded on the quality of your postings. Suggested source to support this assignment:



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    According to Cass Sunstein (2007), "our intuitive, gut-reactions are usually wrong and how we can, instead, control our emotions and use our brains to make decisions" (Barham, 2009). An illustrative example might be when an educational psychologist was asked to address the problem of teenage pregnancy in the school, but your gut feeling told you that it would be best to not address it as a problem since only one young student had to drop out because of pregnancy. Then the next semester four more students were also pregnant.

    In contrast, mindfulness in ...

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    Presents a situation in which a person acted or reacted 'mindlessly' and then consider more productive or 'thoughtful' strategies that might have changed the otucome. References in APA format.