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    Professional Standards of Care and Cultural Competency

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    1. Describe how multicultural competence is an ethical issue and why you need to consider this in your identity and practice as a professional counselor.
    2. Describe how each of these goals contributes to multicultural competence. Provide a specific example to illustrate how you plan to implement each goal in your professional development.

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    Thanks for choosing Brain Mass. First, it is important for counselors to distinguish between values, morals, ethics, community standards, cultural competency, and also, legal mandates, and professional standards of care. It is especially important for counselors to understand that these concepts may occasionally be in conflict, requiring a counselor to decide on the more compelling mandate in each situation. A law may require a counselor to behave in a way that is unethical or contrary to professional standards of care, and conversely, adhering to an ethical standard of care may require that a professional not comply with a law or policy mandate. What is essential is that the breaking of a law or violation of a standard of care should not happen thoughtlessly, but instead that it be the result. Counselors, like all other human beings, have needs and personal problems that can interfere with their personal and professional lives. They also have values, biases, and attitudes that are rooted in their culture and personal history. It is unrealistic to assume that all counselors can rise above the realities of their lives to practice with complete objectivity, unaffected by their personal struggles and daily stresses. What is critical, however, is that counselors are able to identify and acknowledge the personal issues that they struggle with and that they develop the ability to compartmentalize their personal lives in order to not allow personal issues to unduly influence their work with clients.

    A person's character or personality traits, and culture, may ...

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