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Accountability in a Counseling Assessment

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Give an explanation of the importance of accountability as it relates to using assessment in the practice of counseling. Include examples of how a counselor can employ accountability practices in the counseling profession. Be specific in your examples.

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This solution addresses the importance of accountability during the counseling assessment process.

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Counselors/practitioners must have the competency and skills to address the various needs and diverse issues of their clients. Proctor (1994) that the counselor obtains three important skills: (1) competency, (2) professional development and (3) ethical accountability. Further, he suggests that the counselor should adopt professional standards in the eight areas that provide a basis for accountability, and reduced ethical and legal problems. According to Proctor, these standards influence the use or need for: (a) professional disclosure statements, (b) treatment plans, (c) clinical progress notes, (d) formative evaluations, (e) documentation of consultation or supervision, (f) professional performance evaluation and peer review, (g) psychotherapy for impaired practitioners, and (h) awareness of and responsiveness to ethical and legal foundations of their profession (p. 296). He further adds that these standards promote a quality assurance of the counseling professional. Moreover, a ...

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