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    How to Develop a Culture of Environmental Sustainabilty

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    If you were asked tomorrow into a meeting with senior management and asked to outline a three or four or five step plan to develop a culture of sustainability at your company, what would you recommend? Provide a brief list of steps and an explanation for why each step is important

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    The key to introducing any concept involves Educating, Informing and Empowering a group as progress is initiated and continued towards a common goal. Promoting a culture of sustainability within an organization can reap many benefits. From an environmental standpoint, tons of material can be saved from landfills and items can be recycled. From a public relations standpoint, advocating for environmental issues as a corporate entity can attract more business from consumers who may otherwise not be introduced to a particular company.

    In developing a culture of sustainability at any company, the following steps should be ...

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    This solution provides a brief outline of how to cultivate a culture of environmental sustainability within a company.