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    Sustainability plan that focuses on greenhouse gas

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    Understanding a sustainability plan that effects the following:

    Princeton University has hired you as a consultant to help put a sustainability plan into effect that focuses on greenhouse gas.

    Please help me identify possible effects you would expect to see in the following areas:

    * Overall business strategy

    - Mission and vision

    - Culture and values

    * Organization

    - Enabling technology and processes

    - Organizational design

    * People

    - Training and development

    - Rewards and recognition

    * Format according to APA standards.

    Please include references.

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    Sustainability Plan of Princeton University


    Sustainability plan is integrated with environmental protection and social development of the company. In sustainability strategy, plans are developed for reducing negative environmental impact through environmental friendly and green policies (Hitchcock & Willard, 2008). Princeton University is ranked fourth in United State. This University provides education to undergraduate and postgraduate in social science, humanities, natural science and engineering (About Princeton University).

    Overall Business Strategy

    Mission and Vision: Vision of the Princeton University is to be world class performing arts site for enhancing educational operation. To attain the high level of distinctive in knowledge sharing is the mission of the university. Vision and mission of the university will be modified through sustainability plan. Systematic approach of green development will be used to formulate new version of vision and mission (Hitchcock & Willard, 2008).

    Association of mission with sustainability plan will help to improve quality and productivity of the faculty members. It will improve efficiency and sustainability of university. Vision and mission of the university will be developed by considering the use of sustainable resource management. Connection between mission and resource management of the university will enhance sustainable strategy that will help to attain the stated objectives of plan (Sustainability Plan).

    Culture and Values: Culture refers beliefs, values and traditions of the university. Sustainable ...

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