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    Green Initiatives Paper

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    Can you help me with the following questions?

    -What are some green initiatives your company is implementing?
    -Identify what you feel are driving forces behind those initiatives.
    -Has your company implemented International Organization for Standards (ISO) 14000 protocols? If yes, what is the current benefit or effect they are having? If not, what is the potential benefit or effect to the company if they were implemented?

    List of companies can only choose from:

    1. Shell©
    2. Exxon®
    3. McDonald's®
    4. British Petroleum®
    5. BA
    6. Ryanair®
    7. BAA
    8. The Coca-Cola Company®
    9. E.ON U.S.®
    10. British Gas®

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    Green Initiatives: McDonalds®

    -What are some green initiatives your company is implementing?

    McDonald's has taken numerous green initiatives. In fact, Newsweek Magazine Recognizes the company as one of the Greenest Big Companies in America
    Full Newsweek Story: http://greenrankings.newsweek.com/companies/view/mcdonald-s

    The company boasts that with millions of customers around the world, they recognize the importance of conserving natural resources and the benefits they provide for current and future generations. McDonald's also recognizes that their long-term business goals will be better served if they help protect the natural and community resources that support and are affected by their activities. "

    Some of the green initiatives taken by the company begin with their restaurant on the South Side of Chicago, which "...is crammed with energy and water-saving gadgets as varied as high-efficiency appliances, pavement that filters rainwater, and tables and chairs made out of recycled material. It even has a garden on the roof."

    Other green initiatives:
    -EnvironmentalLeader.com notes that for international McDonalds, "In Japan, which is very land constrained, it's about waste. In Australia, the big issue is water... in Pensacola, Florida its digging 55 holes, 350 feet deep to heat and cool the new restaurant with geothermal energy. "There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to environmental initiatives." The fast-food chain is employing a number of initiatives or strategies individualized by location.

    -McDonald's has been running a trial program at 11 Sheffield, UK restaurants to save on the rising cost of sending waste to landfill sites (landfill taxes in the UK rose by 33 percent a ton at the start of April) as part of a drive to encourage businesses to produce less waste by sending it to the city's waste incinerator, which generates electricity and heats homes and buildings in the city center."

    -McDonald's is evaluating 10 ...

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