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    Green Intelligence and Waste Disposal

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    What waste disposal methods are available to humans and how might they be more effective? What initiatives or incentives could governments create to better equip citizens for managing their own waste, garbage, and recyclables?

    Define the main goals and strategies of green intelligence. Do you think market-based approaches could save the planet? Why or why not?

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    Waste Disposal Methods

    Waste disposal is a regular human activity. In our homes, we regularly produce waste, from the smallest to large quantities, organic to even toxic chemicals. Governments, local and state are tasked to manage the waste of their constituencies and policies, legislation and initiatives are regularly enforced, amended and put into action to manage the challenge that is waste disposal. The challenge of course is how to manage waste as efficiently as possible Back in the days of Industrialization, the accumulation of waste has resulted to immense pollution that affected waterways, the air, the soil and the entire biosphere. While Industrialization has long passed, we still continue to manufacture and emit carbon side by side with solid, organic and toxic waste as part of our daily living as a community, a nation and the entire range of human activities. The key then is to use waste disposal methods that consider the environmental consequences of irresponsible waste disposal wherein the aim is to use methods that are best at preserving the environment and one that allows to maximise waste possibilities in that what is considered waste by some can be reused for another purpose to create a zero-waste outcome. The following methods are popular:

    â?¢ Ocean dumping - practiced by waste disposal companies. It is convenient and inexpensive and some solid waste materials (i.e. cars, old boats, furniture) provide nutrients for plants as well as breeding grounds (artificial reefs) for fishes. The ocean unfortunately is overburdened by this method after a few hundred years; it leads ...

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