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Affective waste disposal methods

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1.What waste disposal methods are available to humans and how might they be more effective? What initiatives or incentives could governments create to better equip citizens for managing their own waste, garbage, and recyclables?

2. Define the main goals and strategies of green intelligence. Do you think market-based approaches could save the planet? Why or why not?

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Waste disposal methods vary. There are many types of waste such as, solid waste, liquid waste, household waste, hazardous waste, medical waste and electronic waste.

Solid waste disposal methods are commonly compost, burning and land fill. The most popular method is pick-up and transport to the landfill. This is the oldest method yet not the most efficient. The waste is taken to a landfill, dumped and covered. There could be hazardous material in the waste that eventually leak to the ground water. The content has plastics, cans, rubber item, light bulbs and other items that decay at an extremely slow rate. This method could be more effective if landfills adhere to the solid waste laws such as, lining the landfills and covering the waste. Most important is guarding against ...

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What waste disposal methods are available to humans and discussed how they may be more effective. Discussion on government incentives that empower citizens. Evaluate good market-based approaches,including green intellegence.

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