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Dealing with Hazardous Waste

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7. Give your reasons for agreeing or disagreeing with each of the following proposals for dealing with hazardous waste:

A. Reduce the production of hazardous waste and encourage recycling and reuse of hazardous materials by charging producers a tax or fee for each unit of waste generated.

B. Ban all land disposal and incineration of hazardous waste to encourage recycling, reuse, and waste treatment and to protect air, water, and soil from contamination.

C. Provide low-interest loans, tax breaks, and other financial incentives to encourage industries producing hazardous waste to reduce, recycle, reuse, treat and decompose such waste.

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Below are my thoughts on these issues. I hope they are a good starting point for you!

A. I agree with this idea. Most companies will not affect change unless their bottom line is somehow affected. Placing a tax or fee on waste generated will be effective because it will force these companies to rethink their production processes because of new cost issues. A large company that pays little heed to its waste production because its current methods are cheap is unlikely ...

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