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Disposal of Hazardous Waste

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Would you oppose having a hazardous waste landfill, waste treatment plant, deep-injection well, or incinerator in your community? Explain your reasoning. If you oppose these disposal facilities, how do you believe the hazardous waste generated in your community and your state should be managed?

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Any of the waste disposal method is not advisable near human habitat. Choice of technology of waste disposal depends upon the quality and quantity of the waste produced by community. Hence, the first step should be physico-chemical analysis of the waste which will help in deciding the suitable type of waste disposal system. Secondly a proper EIA report should be prepared for the proposed waste disposal system.

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Waste Treatment Plant
Wastewater treatment suffers from a number of inherent limitations: 1) forced evaporation of wastewater containing volatile toxic substances (such as elemental mercury, volatile organochlorines and volatile organic compounds) will release these toxic substances into the air along with water vapor; and 2) unless the forced evaporation system is enclosed, it would not be possible to use such a system during periods of heavy rainfall. The hazardous waste treatment facility, therefore, is a threat to the lives of the population residing around the facility. It can be installed in barren area provided the project is economically feasible.

Incinerator burn numerous wastes, including spent solvents, waste oils, pesticide ...

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