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    Waste and Fossil Fuels

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    What are the effects of waste products and fossil fuels on the environment?
    What are two waste products and two fossil fuels? Give a brief explanation on all four.
    What are the effects of the selected waste products on soil and water quality?
    How do the selected waste products and fossil fuels affect biological diversity in the environment?
    What are some methods for the disposal of waste materials?
    What method of waste management would be recommended for the proper disposal of the selected waste materials?
    What are two alternative energy resources that could replace the selected fossil fuels?
    What are the advantages and disadvantages for the environment of using these alternative energy resources?

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    Waste/Fossil *200 words per bullet (16 credits)*

    • What are the effects of waste products and fossil fuels on the environment?
    Fossil fuels effect the environment in some negative ways. Drilling for oil, mining for coal and burning wood can increase pollution in the environment, create ugly sights such as oil wells and gashes in the landscape. When trees are cut down it can be argued that the landscape looks uglier also. It can also be argued that these forms of extracting fossil fuels from the earth disturb and, in some cases, destroy local habitats for native species.
    It could also be argued, however, that sometimes our need or desire for fossil fuels causes us to become more environmentally aware. For example, thousands of acres of new forests are planted each year to compensate for trees that are cut down either to serve as fuel or building materials. Because some land is used for oil or coal extraction, local and national governments have seen the need to preserve large sections of other land for preservation and appreciation.
    Waste products, if incorrectly disposed of, can harm the environment. Waste dumped in the ocean can destroy coral reefs, kill ocean organisms and harm tourism. Waste on land can be equally harmful. Toxic waste can destroy the soil almost completely and can also harm animal life.
    However, waste disposal also provides thousands of jobs and in many cases golf courses, subdivisions or green areas are built on top of old dump sites. This shows that fossil fuels and waste products do not have to be detrimental to society if approached from a responsible perspective.

    • What are two waste products and two fossil fuels? Give a brief explanation on all four.
    Food waste - is excess or unused food items. This comes from households, restaurants, food businesses etc. According to some estimates up to one-third of all food production world-wide is wasted. And in America, organic waste is the second highest contributor to landfills.
    Recyclable waste - is all waste that can and ...

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