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    Waste disposal practices: It's effects to the environment

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    Many businesses engage in non-sustainable business practices related to business wastes.

    What are some examples of waste disposal practices in your industry?

    What ethical concerns do burning, burying, or dumping waste products into the environment raise?

    What are the immediate and long-term effects on the environment?

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    1. Examples of waste disposal practices in our industry are as follows:

    a. Throwing of trash in any place an industry desires
    b. Dumping of waste into bodies of water without prior treatment
    c. Segregating of waste into two categories: biodegradable, and non-biodegradable
    d. Biodegradable materials such as fruit ...

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    This solution identifies common waste disposal practices in many industries. It describes also the ethical concerns burning, burying, or dumping waste products into the environment and their immediate and long-term effects.