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    This posting addresses businesses going green.

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    Critics say that corporations (like Wal-Mart for example), which have vowed to reduce its greenhouse emissions from the products it sells to the trucks that deliver them, may have a variety of reasons to help the environment. However, there are a number of questions which require serious consideration before a corporation goes "green". Please help in thoroughly answering the following questions:

    What does Going Green really mean for a company?
    What are the cost/benefits of Going Green?
    Is it the right thing to do for a company, from both a qualitative and quantitative standpoint?

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    What does Going Green really mean for a company?

    This scenario is very realistic, but many companies don't realize the full extent of what going green entails until after their decision is made, and oftentimes they have jumped headfirst into a situation that they are not completely prepared to handle. One of their main points to consider is that when companies go green, it affects all parties involved with the company. It involves the company itself, their investors, their customers, the employees, and can also have an impact on the creditors of the company as well. The company must consider the fact that their green initiatives have to be strategically planned, and must stay on budget. This is one of the major shortfalls of companies that suddenly go green without taking all of the steps necessary to ensure that a comprehensive plan is in place. The green programs end up costing more money than what was originally planned due to a lack of proper planning. The company then has less money to allocate to other areas, and areas where money was needed suffer because of the poor planning. This can also affect creditor relations, particularly if the company is running into financial problems due to the cost of the green initiatives.

    It also affects the company as a whole, including employees. The employees can really be an asset in the initiatives, because when more people are on board, programs are more ...

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    The solution provides a very detailed discussion on each question, including what going green means for a company, the related costs and benefits of going green, and if it is the right thing to do for a company, from both a qualitative and quantitative standpoint.