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    Las Vegas Hospitality Trends

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    I need assistance with explaining how the current trend, "going green" can or will affect Las Vegas' recreation, travel, and tourism business segments AND what effect do convention and visitors bureau (CVB's) and tourism commissions have on the hospitality industry in your selected city. Thanks!

    Here are some concepts I thought of to incorporate: ticketless travel, automated hotel check-in, stay-cationers of Las Vegas, tourists visiting Las Vegas for state park visits instead of casino/entertainment, tourists choosing to use public transportation in lieu of rental cars, tourists choosing smaller accommodations (motels, lodges, staying w/family or friends) instead of popular, large chains.

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    Las Vegas Hospitality Trends

    Las Vegas Hospitality Trends
    "Going Green!"
    "Going Green" is a trend everywhere, not just in Las Vegas. Presently, Las Vegas has many activities and clubs in force that are contributing to not only educating its residents but also contributing to bettering Las Vegas itself. "Going Green" can only enhance the experience of being a tourist in Las Vegas. There are many fitness centers and runners circles that promote good health. In restaurants, individuals who are not eaters of meat or meat by-products can enjoy a "vegan" meal. On television, there are chef shows such as Chef Mayra who cooks only vegan meals.

    There may be some people who won't like smelling or seeing composts, but they are part of the "going green" process. Many eateries have them nearby to dispose of waste. The "city lights" of Las Vegas are now highlighting ...

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