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    Integrated marketing communications

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    Integrated marketing communications plays a vital role in the promotion element of the marketing mix. The following discussion will help you deepen your understanding of promotion:

    What characteristics of Las Vegas visitors suggested that an integrated marketing communications campaign would be necessary?

    Why did the Las Vegas convention center shift from product advertising to brand marketing?

    What promotional elements were used in the "What Happens Here, Stays here" campaign?

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    Integrated marketing communications can be defined as an approach towards achieving certain objectives of a marketing campaign, through a well organized and coordinated manner. It uses promotional mix methods that are intended to support each other. It can also be defined as customer centred and data driven method of communicating with the customers (Integrated, 2012).

    Las Vegas was started as a large resort of hotels. It was found out that, a good number of visitors had varying characteristics that would be used in the development of Las Vegas apart from being a resort hotel. Plans and efforts were put in place and Las Vegas introduced more gaming and live performances by musicians. In an effort to become an attraction site for a whole family, Las Vegas built theme parks, roller coasters and introduced a number of activities to involve an entire family (Las Vegas, 2012).

    In an effort to become more than a gaming and ...

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