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Personal Ethics

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Personal ethics is valuable in making positive decisions. In many situations we see that the younger generations' decisions are harming them due to few moral values. Through normative ethics we discover what makes our actions right or wrong. For example, if a person is driving and throws trash out of the window, we know that morally and ethically it is wrong. Not only is the trash polluting the environment, but it is also a hazard to other drivers on the road. An individual's upbringing can discourage some bad habits in our adult life. However, that is why it's wonderful to see organizations giving incentives to employees for making the right choices in protecting the environment. Many businesses now are using fuel efficient cars to save on gas and to be active in "going green". This is a big accomplishment. People respond better when money is an incentive even if we have to spend a little to save a little. Giving incentives for employees who purchase eco-friendly vehicles is an absolute plus from an economic perspective. Explain

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"Going Green" seems to be a popular trend we are seeing in today's society. I don't think it's coincidental that the color that represents the environment, and the color that represents currency in the US, ...

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Hello. I have to create a journal entry on my ethical values. I really dont know how to do that. Your help will be much appreciated. The details of the instructions are as follows:

Your journal is not meant to be a formal academic paper. It is intended to be more informal, and even, spontaneous. Almost anything that occurs to you during the process of reading, reflection, and class discussions can be written in your journal. For example, you may choose to

raise serious questions or objections to the ideas presented in the unit
apply the ideas to an example drawn from personal experience
apply the ideas to an example of current public controversy
show how the ideas relate (are similar or different) to another ethical point of view
describe a new insight or way of thinking about an issue that has been stimulated by the texts or discussions in the course
There is no minimum or maximum length for the journal assignments. But in order to present a thoughtful and serious effort, journal entries must be of a reasonable length. As a general guide, 300-600 words

Using a Microsoft Word document, write your journal entry describing your ethical values. In your journal entry for this unit, consider the following:

Where did they come from?
Who do you look to as an authority?
How do you think about making ethical choices?
What would you like to learn in this course?

Thank you!

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