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Importance of Ethics

Is there such a line between ethics on and off the job... a line between our employees' personal life and what our employees do at work.....? ...Consider, for example, Harry Stonecipher, who had to resign as CEO of Boeing last spring after have an extramarital affair with a Boeing executive. Although the affair had not compromised Boeing's operational performance or financial condition...But what about the rest of us? Is there a relationship between personal ethics and business ethics? What are the ramifications for hiring employees from a human resource management perspective?

Answer should not be less than 200 words. Please provide any references used. Please do not merely copy and past from websites, but please discuss the topic area.

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//Before writing about the Importance of Ethics, it is necessary to gain knowledge about the meaning of ethics. One should know about the basic definition of ethics, which further will assist in analyzing of ethics in an effective manner//

Importance of Ethics



Ethics can be defined as the codes of conducts, which specify the guidelines for good life and right behavior of individuals in their personal lives or while working in an organization. It specifically focuses on "leading a good and satisfying life" (Sahakian, William & Lewis, 1993).

Line between Ethics on the Job and Off the Job

There is a very crisp line between the individual's ...

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