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    Leadership, Ethics and Responsibility to the Other

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    i am looking for an analysis of the importance of ethics within leadership while also discussing the difficulty of identifying those ideas and elements that characterize an 'ethical leader'. What contributions does the article attached make to identifying unethical practices and their effects?


    Knights, D., & O'Leary, M. (2006) 'Leadership, ethics and responsibility to the other', Journal of Business Ethics, 67 (2), pp. 125-137.

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    Strong ethics are key in business, although it is difficult to identify the elements and ideas that characterize an ethical leader. Strong ethics are important to avoid corporate scandals such as those occurring at "Enron, Parmalat, Allied Irish Bank (AIB), National Irish Bank (NIB) and WorldCom" (Knights, O'Leary, 2006). These scandals threaten the financial survival of the companies, as well as the reputation and position of the CEO's involved. They also impact the ethics of society, causing confusion and disillusionment to disperse throughout the population, ultimately further weakening the moral foundation of society.

    The authors point out that the trouble with defining ethics and guiding managers on the correct ethical path stems from the lessons business schools, society, and corporate consciousness have taught, which is to focus on shareholder value and high ...

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    This solution is an analysis of the importance of ethics within leadership, and discusses the difficulty of identifying the ideas and elements that characterize an ethical leader based on an attached article.