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Ethics and Sense of Responsibility

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Discuss some implications that ethics may have for organizations beyond just the 'business' side. How does a 'sense of responsibility to others' affect the decisions that are made by an organization as a whole as well as the individual leaders within?

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Yukl (2006) contends that leadership is about influence and that powerful leaders can have an enormous impact on followers. Therefore, leaders must not misuse power and must conduct themselves ethically. Yukl (2006) further states that leaders can be judged on a number of measures including: the leader's values, stage of moral development, freedom of choice, conscious intentions, use of ethical behavior, and the type of influence used. Following the premise that leaders must responsibly use power and influence, be guided by firm values, and model ethical behavior, it is clear that leaders must have a sense of responsibility for followers. Beyond just being responsible for followers, leaders should have a sense of responsibility for other stakeholders affected by organizational decisions. Just making decisions based on economic or business principles does not adequately address this sense of responsibility.

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