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Business: Authority, egalitarian social contract, competition

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1. The model of professional authority

2. The egalitarian social contract

3. The market competion model

The concepts behind these models are similar to concepts of communal solidarity, actuarial fairness, market regulation and personal responsibility. What do the above have in common with the concepts of communal solidarity, actuarial fairness, market regulation and personal responsibility?

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Consider the similar `three concepts as in mirror proper behaviors and decision making that reinforces a sense of responsibility; the model of professional authority hones on the communal solidarity to sharing the same issues towards resolution with appropriate leadership in place. In addition, the egalitarian social contract is in the similarities fair social consensus towards the main goal of accurate contribution as in actuarial fairness. Try and think of the market regulation as a vehicle to ensure the market completion model is upheld on the basis of ethical standards. In doing so, ...

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The review into business management for adopting a concept for the model of professional authority, the egalitarian social contract, and the market competion model

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