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    Case Portfolio

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    I need help creating a case portfolio of seven personally briefed business law cases. Including one case from each of these topics:

    1. Basic Business
    2. Real Properties
    3. Intellectual Properties
    4. Business and the Bill of Rights
    5. Administrative Agency
    6. Torts Relating to Business
    7. Contracts

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    STEP 1
    Basic Business
    International News Service v. AP, U.S. Supreme Court (1918)
    INS bribed or induced AP members to send their news stories first of INS so that they got the stories before they were published. These were published by INS or after rewriting.
    Is there any property in news that is being copied and then being published by another publisher?
    There is property in news that belongs to the company that has collected it. Copying and republishing it is unfair competition.
    This is a matter of competition and fair business practice. One company spends resources including money and collects information. Another company appropriates it and makes money out of it.

    STEP 2
    Real Properties:
    Hill v Community of Damien
    S. Ct N. Mex. [1996]
    Facts: A group of 4 terminally ill AIDS patients were given accommodation in a house where only single families were allowed to reside.
    Issues: Whether the group of 4 constituted a family for the purpose of residing.
    The court held that the 4 were a family.
    The exact meaning of the word family was not defined and as the federal and ...

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