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    Using capital-asset-pricing model what is the expected return of a portfolio

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    Please detail calculations so that they can be posted into an excel spreadsheet and please explain how the calculations were devised.

    Suppose you have invested $ 50,000 in the following four stocks:

    Security Amount Invested Beta
    Stock A 10,000 0.7
    Stock B 15,000 1.2
    Stock C 12,000 1.4
    Stock D 13,000 1.9

    The risk-free rate is 5 percent and the expected return on the
    market portfolio is 18 percent.

    Based on the capital-asset-pricing model, what is the expected return on the above

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    According to the capital asset pricing model (CAPM), the expected return of a security (or portfolio) should follow this relationship:

    E(r) = rf + beta*( E(rm) - rf)


    E(r) is the expected return of the security or portfolio
    rf is the risk-free rate of return (in this case, 0.05)
    E(rm) is the expected return of the market portfolio (in this case, ...

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