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    Ethics Within Leadership.

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    Week 6

    Analyse the importance of ethics within leadership while also discussing the difficulty of identifying those ideas and elements that characterise an 'ethical leader'. What contributions does this week's journal article make to identifying unethical practices and their effects?

    Leadership, Ethics and Responsibility to the Other, David Knights and Majella O'Leary. Journal of Business Ethics (2006), Springer 2006. Pages 125-137.

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    Ethics is very important within leadership, due to the fact that the actions of a leader are emulated by those who follow him or her, and ethical conduct by the leadership will usually lead to a situation in which the organization as a whole conduct its activity in an ethical manner. When unethical activities take place within the leadership of a given organization, then the subordinates of those leaders usually lose confidence in those leaders as well as lose a measure of respect for those individuals, which can compromise the morale of subordinates, and invariably the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization as a whole.

    Ethics is also very important within the leadership of an organization, due to the fact that any unethical behavior by the leadership ...