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Leadership and ethics

Q1. Provide your personal definition of ethics. How important of a role should ethics play in decision making within a security organization? Should security organizations be evaluated on the extent to which they make ethical decisions? Explain.

Q2. Define leadership. Do men and women differ in their leadership approaches? Explain. Is leadership different from management? How?

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1. My personal definition of ethics is the approach that you take in life to do right or wrong. It is your morals.

I think that the ethics should play a large role in decision making with a security organization. Security organizations either protect either people or protect private information that is being held in a building that they work in. If the individuals that work in this capacity has no ethics, much private information can be tampered with. I also, do believe that security organization should be evaluated on the extent to which they make ethical decisions. If ...

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This solution provides an explanation of ethics, its role in an organization. Furthermore, the solution explains leadership and leadership approaches.