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A Discussion On Personal And Business Ethics

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1. Explain the difference between personal and business ethics.
2. Can business ethics and personal ethics overlap and conflict with one another?
3. Can you be an ethical and moral person but a crooked and unethical business person?

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The solution discusses personal and business ethics.

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Personally and professionally we all live by some form of morals, values, and code of ethics as we progress throughout our daily activities. It's commonly believed that one's' morals, values, and code of ethics is tested on a consistent basis; personally and professionally. Regardless of the profession a person is in, we often try to differentiate between personal and professional ethics; however, these two tend to merge without one even realizing it. More so, the definition of personal and professional ethics can be different based on the person and organization.

Ethical behavior can come in many different forms and have many different definitions. According to Barrett (2011), ethical behavior is the outward projection of individuals in what society or an organization believes is positive in nature. Ethical behavior can be seen in both verbal and non-verbal communications. It can be something as small as ensuring there is equality in the weekly work schedule for employees to ensuring that the organization meets all OSHA guidelines. Organizations must be concerned about ethics as it impacts the overall work culture that impacts effectiveness and efficiency of work ...

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