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How does a researcher choose a methodology?

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What determines the methodology that a researcher uses, and why?

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This is quite a general questions I can give you a general answer only. The methodology that a researcher uses is largely going to depend on what the research question being asked is. The researcher should first develop a hypothesis of what they believe and what is going to be tested. Once the ...

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This posting explains, in general terms, how a researcher chooses a specific methodology.

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Describe the basic principles that underlie research practices.

I need ideas and scholarly research information for the following task. Any help will be much appreciated.


Describe the basic principles that underlie research practices. It must address the importance for a research in carrying out the following:

1. Identifying a broad area of inquiry.

2. Conducting a review of research literature.

3. Identifying a researchable problem from reviewed literature.

4. Choosing a method and design for an identified problem.

Base this on at least four recent scholarly sources (within the past 5 years). Please do not use wikipedia because its invalid,, please cite accordingly with respect to APA guidelines.

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