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Multinational Corporations: Ford Motor Company

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Multinational Corporations: Ford Motor Company: Discuss how each MNC integrates corporate social responsibility with its international management strategy.

?Does the corporation address global development and poverty reduction?
?What kinds of partnerships are involved?
?Has this initiative helped the sustainability of the different local, regional, domestic, and international networks?
?If so, how?

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Multinational Corporations: Ford Motor Company:

There are several dimensions in which multinational corporations can be defined depending on different perspectives such as ownership, structure, management, and business strategy. Most economists have however agreed that multinational corporations are firms which have the existing parent company owned by nationals available in different countries around the globe. Ford Company is an example of a multinational company which has its headquarters in the United States.

Ford Corporation is known to have a diversified and a strong network of operation which is involved in manufacturing assembly facilities and engineering centers among others. This has proved to be an opportunity for the corporation in addition to strong engineering and R&D capabilities which plays part in improving the performance of the company, enhancing customer satisfaction, boosting the levels of customer safety and developing new products for the company. Moreover, the company also experiences increased operational performance which is regarded also as an opportunity as the company recorded an increase in its levels of income generation and profit margins over the financial year that ended in December 2010 (DATAMONITOR: Ford Motor Company, 2011).

Among the 'big three' car and truck manufacturers in the United States, Ford company is known to be one of them. The company serves over 6 continents with cars and trucks with over 95 subsidiary companies throughout the globe. The main brands that the company is involved in producing are Lincoln, Volvo, ...

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The solution discusses the multinational corporation, Ford Motor Company.

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