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    Leading Change: Why Transformation Efforts Fail

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    Based on the videos below, please help me to:

    a) Identify key elements that an organization must focus on to promote change.
    b) Compare and contrast the different transformation stories in the videos.
    c) Explain why or why not you think that company is doing the right steps for change.

    CANSO Business Transformation

    Business Transformation at ITV

    Army's Business Transformation for Senior Leaders

    Army's Business Transformation

    Thank you.

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    Key Elements for Change

    Change is tough work for the management of organizations because it directly influences the culture of an organization positively, negatively or both. Therefore, the organization must focus on several key elements to promote change:

    Commitment of leadership and workforce: This element is important for the organization because the commitment of leadership defines the involvement of leadership in the decisions related to the activities of change. Organizations who want to carry-out significant changes in their operations should also change the desirable behavior of leaders and managers by allowing the changes in the infrastructure of their corporate policies (Cohn & Khurana, 2005). Managers and leaders who cannot or will not be associated positively with the process of change are encouraged by the other stakeholders to leave the organization and reduce the effect of change.
    Cultural organization: The culture of organization is another important factor related to change because any kind of change would affect the values and beliefs of the organization that would affect the morality of employees and may influence the growth of the organization either positively or negatively (International Business Publications, 2005). The culture of organization also facilitates the effective communication that could be used as a measurement for measuring the change, ...

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    Why transformation efforts fail for leading change is examined.