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    Employee Resistance to Change

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    Employee resistance to change is a symptom, not a problem in the change process. What are some of the real problems that may occur or underlie employee resistance?

    How would you advise your corperate client in your finial report in regard to implementation of the changes you are suggesting in the organization?

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    Employee Resistance to Change
    The Reality of Change in an Organization
    Why is there resistance to change in organizations? An overview of the readings reveals that resistance occurs because it threatens the status quo or increases fear and the anxiety of real or imagined consequences including threats to personal security and confidence in an ability to perform (Morris & Raben, 1995). Change may also be resisted because it threatens the way people make sense of the world, calling into question their values and rationality (Ledford, et al., 1989), and prompting some form of self justification (Staw, 1981) or defensive reasoning (Argyris, 1990). Or, resistance may occur when people distrust or have past resentments toward those leading change (Block, 1993), when they have different understandings or assessments of the situation (Morris & Raben, 1995), or are protecting established social relations that are perceived to be threatened (O'Toole, 1995).
    Traditional approaches treat resistance as a response to the current change situation only, i.e., to what is happening now, with this change. This view implies that if managers can handle the current change situation properly (i.e., the foreground conversations), then resistance will be minimized and ultimately overcome. Accordingly, managers use resistance ...

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    This solution discusses resistance to change within an organization and the real problems which occur in the employee's resistence to change.