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    Why is Resistance to Change needed in Organizational Development? Relate response to Theories.

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    - Why is Resistance to Change needed in Organizational Development?
    - Identify Theories and relate them to the first question.

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    There is resistance to change in organizations because there is poor communications. The communication does not reach the employees who need to change. The external circumstances which are compelling the change, the pressures on the organization, and organizational objectives are not communicated to employees. This causes distrust, confusion, and panic in employees. Resistance develops. Self interest is another reason why there is resistance to change. The employees feel that after change they will lose their position, their ability to advance, and direct contact with their friends. This causes them to resist change. Apart from communications of change the employees who are most affected are not taken into confidence. They feel alienated. They feel that their position is at stake. This leads to resistance. Most importantly, if there is dearth of training, the employees feel that not only will they lose their position; they may even have to work with lower salaries. This creates resistance. When there is change, the employees are faced with the unknown, ambiguities, and new ...

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