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    Change management

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    A boss who was the Chairman & CEO of a public listed group of companies has suddenly passed away. His wife is then elected as the new Chairman and a retired Banker is hired as the CEO. Main business of the group is manufacturing and trading of apparel. An essay of about 2500 to 3000 words is needed to assess what resistance was offered to that change. Must utilize relevant theories to analyze the different forms of resistance observed and offer suggestions for improving future changes. Sufficient & appropriate references must be provided.

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    Change Management


    Change is important and essential for every Organization. Organizations keep on introducing various changes to remain competitive and to respond efficiently to the ever changing environment. Change can be denoted as a significant law of the world which is necessary to regulate the life of every human being. The changes in the Organizations that result from the external and internal factors like science, trade, technology etc. require rapid adjustment. So, meeting the responsibility of change is the main responsibility of the management (Change Management, 2009).

    This Paper explains the change that took place for the post of Chairman and CEO due to the death of the Present Chairman and CEO of a Public Listed Company. The paper will discuss the probable resistance to this change in the Company. It will also explain the various change models for an organization. It also gives the suggestions required for future change in the company. In all, the paper gives an explanation of Change Management in the Company.

    An alteration that occurs at the workplace is termed as Organizational Change. Whether an organization is political, commercial, social or educational; change is a necessary phenomenon. If an organization fails to change itself, it can possibly experience threat to its stability as well as its existence. Change in an organization might occur due to some external forces or some internal requirements. External forces can be like public expectations, economic recession, government policy etc. Internal changes can be due to the change in the managerial personnel, deficiency in the organization, self appraisals etc.

    Change Process

    There are various stages for the change in an organization to take place in an effective manner. Following are the steps for the change process:

    Identify the need for change: An Organization should first analyze the requirement for implementing change in it. It should discuss upon the factors that lead to change in the organization. If an organization just implements changes for the sake of change, it can be strongly resisted. On the other hand, useful changes can gain the support of the people. It can identify the requirement of change by analyzing the difference between what the organization is achieving and what it should achieve.

    Diagnosing the problem: This step will discuss the elements that need to be changed in an Organization. It will also decide the objectives of change in the Organization. It will also diagnose the problem for which the change needs to be implemented. Even the seriousness of the problem will be discussed and the department in which the problem exists will also be identified.

    Planning the change: After diagnosis of the problem, planning for change will be done. The changing structure will be formed which involves reorganization of the departments, changing span of control and decentralization. The selection of an appropriate strategy for change will also be implemented.

    Assessing the Change Forces: In any situation, there are two forces which govern the Change Process i.e. Driving and Restraining Forces. Driving forces affect a situation by pushing it in a particular direction and Restraining forces act in the opposite direction to restrain the act. There is equilibrium in the change process, when the sum of driving forces and restraining forces is equal.

    Implementation of change: The Implementation Process should have three significant dimensions- timing, location and depth. These factors should be paid attention to, while implementing any kind of change in the Organization.

    Feedback: After the change has been implemented in the Organization, the necessary loopholes in it will be checked. It will be analyzed that how effectively the implemented change will help in solving the Organizational problem.

    Resistance to Change

    Resistance to Change is an important focus of study in the Organizational Change Process. People often resist to changes that affect their income, ego and social status. Resistance to change ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 2543 Words, APA References