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    This post addresses change and reistsance to change.

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    Once we understand which groups are highly influential and highly impacted by the change we can put in place a Change Plan to move them to where we need them to be, for example, to support the change, accept the change, let the change happen, and to not block it. Doing this will no doubt require a Champion....

    Please discuss if all managers are Change Agents, or even Change Champions.

    Please react to the statement, resistance to change is an irrational process.
    Please discuss if you agree or disagree.

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    Resistance to change is not an irrational process. Resistance to change is a very normal process, and is experienced by many people in many different situations. Resistance to change occur in personal lives just as frequently as they occur in business, and oftentimes, they're dealt with emotionally the same way by the individual. ...

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    The solution provides a detailed discussion addressing change champions and if resistance to change is an irrational process.