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    Personal Watershed Point / Event

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    Need assistance on writing a Personal Watershed Point / Event
    I have recently retired from military from 26 years of Service. My position was an Executive Level Supervisor. Now I am an employee at United States Post Office at the Lowest Level. I see a lot of Manager/ Supervisor level things being conducted wrong and unprofessional, but at my position I cannot say anything. It is a total culture shock. I am having trouble adjusting, but to keep my job I will have to maintain my bearing and keep quite. Need help putting this situation in the attached format.

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    //The following discussion has shed light on the Bridges' Model of Transitions with respect to a case study. It has evaluated the personal reflection regarding the various transitional stages that a person goes through when experiences a change in his life. In addition to this, the learning gained from this writing has also been explored.//

    How was this event different from other "meaningful" or even "monumental" milestones? In other words, what made it a watershed event?
    A watershed event can be defined as the occurrence of those changes that lead to affecting the course of any period. In this context, the watershed event is referred to my inability, a retired military person, to go against the unprofessional activities taking place in my current job due to the helplessness of not being able to leave the job (Cameron & Green, 2004). The meaningful and monumental events in one's life have an impact for a shorter period of time whereas a watershed event embarks the beginning of the different repercussions due to the occurrence of any ...

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