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    Environmental Science terms

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    Write summary or paragraph for the following:

    1. Ecocide

    Then research the following terms also, and write a paragraph on each:show how these terms are used to transform out concept of the environment, and allowed it to be defined by those who would exploit the natural world for personal gain.

    2. Tragedy of the Commons
    3. Economic Rent
    4. Externalities

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    Ecocide - The destruction of the environment for military purposes. An example is Vietnam, where U.S. forces cleared 325,000 hectares of land and sprayed 72,400 cubic meters of herbicides in the name of security. The impact on biodiversity was severe; spreading herbicides on ten percent of the country including fifty percent of the mangroves) led to extensive low-density grasslands replacing high-density forest, mudflats instead of highly productive mangroves, and major declines in both freshwater and coastal fisheries (Nietschmann, 1990).

    Tragedy of the Commons - When multiple individuals pursue their economically "rational" self-interest in a commons (an open-access resource like the ocean or atmosphere), the result is not the greatest good for the greatest number, but disaster for all-far from rational. Picture a pasture open to ...

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    Discussion addressing ecocide. Description of the personal gain relationship as it applies to the Tragedy of the commons, economic rent and externalities.