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The relationship between science and technology

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How does the relationship between science and technology affect environmental problems AND solutions in today's society?

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The relationship between science and technology are provided.

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The relationship between science and technology
How does the relationship between science and technology affect environmental problems AND solutions in today's society?

Since the rise of the Industrial Revolution in the latter part of the 18th century, science and technology have shifted our progress in energy, physical materials, research, information and communications, medicine, and many other sectors. Such major enhancements have resulted in vast improvements in our health, economic prosperity, and everyday living. Furthermore, progress in energy and materials technologies has given rise to a variety of new transportation modes, including the airplane, railroad, the automobile, and in so many other areas. Science is great and so is technology. However, creating science and technology often causes environmental clashes and problems, such as pollution that is emitted from a non-hybrid car. Those who care about the environment and environmentalists by utilizing the power of science can try to remedy the situation by concocting experiments and solutions with science. These could include but are not limited to: solar panels; hybridized cars (e.g., the Prius); catalytic converters) and so on. The complementary two have greatly impacted our society and have improved human mobility in terms of both time and space. Advances in cell mobility coupled with the recent and major inventions in the area of telecommunications technology, such as the telephone, television, and radio, have served to broaden the range of what we can do, where we can go, and how we can get there and how we will do those things.

Science and ...

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