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Technology in math and science

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How does technology have an impact on science and mathematics instruction in the classroom?

How does the use of a variety of learning tools, including technology, help integrate science and mathematics instruction?

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How does technology have an impact on science and mathematics instruction in the classroom?

Technology has an impact on instruction in the science and mathematics classrooms in a variety of ways. First of all, it helps to motivate students by utilizing a tool with which they are already familiar. Games and technology are popular with many students, and using technology can help bridge the gap between school and recreation. It also helps to differentiate education. Using computer-based teaching tools allows the teacher to provide individualized instruction, either by providing adapted tools for some students (and since they are the only ones on the computer, no other students would need to know they were getting a different version); or by allowing for more one-on-one time as the teacher circulates the room, helping those who need extra help; or by directing ...

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This shows how technology aids science and mathematics instruction, and also how it can help integrate science and math.

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