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    What is the Transformation Process?

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    A. What is the transformation process?
    B. Can the transformation process be applied to both goods and services?
    C. How might data be used during the process?

    Use examples in your response to help clarify your definition.

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    A. What is the transformation process?

    The transformation process is the process or steps through which inputs such as labor, capital, land and entrepreneurship are channeled from their raw form into both tangible and intangible finished end products. The transformation process goes through a series of steps such as learning, awareness, vision, strategy, action and reflection through which the issue or raw data is refined into a cohesive manner for purposes of consumption. In the learning stage, the identification of the root cause of the problem is identified. An awareness of how the larger picture operates and conforms to this root structure is then ...

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    The solution discusses the transformation process, and how it can be applied to both goods and services.