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Explain the concept of a time-temperature-transformation

Please help me explain this in some detail with some pictures/diagrams to show and explain the TTT diagram concept

Question 4 - Please explain the concept of a time-temperature-transformation (TTT) diagram.

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T (Time) T(Temperature) T(Transformation) diagram is a plot of temperature versus the logarithm of time for an alloy (often steel) of definite composition. It is used to determine when transformations begin and end for an isothermal (constant temperature) heat treatment of a previously austenitized alloy. When austenite is cooled slowly to a temperature below LCT (Lower Critical Temperature), the structure that is formed is Pearlite. As the cooling rate increases, the pearlite transformation temperature gets lower. The microstructure of the material is significantly altered as the cooling rate increases. By heating and cooling a series of samples, the history of the austenite transformation may be recorded. TTT diagram indicates when a specific transformation starts and ends ...

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