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    8) If the yield of CO2 (g) from the reaction of butane with hydrogen peroxide is only 80.65%, with how many grams of butane and hydrogen peroxide must you have started if you obtain 26.45 g of CO2?

    9) Nickel(II) carbonate is placed into an open container and heated. A given amount of nickel(II) oxide is produced. However, if the same amount of nickel(II) carbonate is placed into a sealed container and heated to the same temperature as previously, less nickel(II) oxide is produced. How do you explain this? Be sure to give a fully justify your answer.

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    Provided is a step-by-step solution on: 1) How to calculate grams of starting material based on percent yield and measured mass of product;
    2) How equilibrium conditions affect the transformation of nickel (II) carbobate to nickel (II) oxide.