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    Types of Compounds and Stoichiometry Problems

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    Need help with the attached 10 chemistry questions.

    Please refer to attachment for full questions.

    1. Indicate whether each of the following is true or false:
    A. C4H10 is an unsaturated compound.
    B. A mole of CH4 and a mole of CO2 have the same weight.
    C. A mole of CCl4 contains 4 moles of Cl
    D. Water is a nonpolar compound.
    E. Diamond, graphite, and fullerene are all forms of carbon.
    F. Alkane molecules can react together to form polymers.
    G. Formation of covalent bonds between atoms is endothermic.
    H There are isomers of C7H16.
    I. .There cannot be a compound with the formula C3H10.
    J. All the carbon to carbon bonds in benzene, C6H6, are alike..

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