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    Formula Weight, Grams to Liters, Heat of a Reaction

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    Calculate the gram-formula-weight:




    I also need help with answering the following problems using this equation:


    1. How many liters of CO2 would be produced if 32 grams of CH4 are combined with oxygen?

    2. How many grams of H2O would be produced when the 32 grams of CH4 are burned?


    the equilibrium constant (Keq) is written as?

    If the heat of the reaction, Na+1/2Cl2-->NaCl, is 98.3 kcal/mole. What is the heat given off when 2 moles of NaCl are formed?

    Describe in detail the modern model of the atom. Use examples when helpful to illustrate a point...use drawings if needed.

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    This solution explains:

    1) How to calculate the formula weight of several compounds.

    2) How to use stoichiometry to convert from grams to moles and liters.

    3) How to calculate the heat given off in a reaction.