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How many grams of gasoline are needed to raise the CO?

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Assume that an incorrectly adjusted lawn mower is operated in a garage such that the combustion reaction in the engine is:

C8H18 + (17/2)O2 -> 8CO + 9H2O

If the dimensions of the garage are 3.0 by 5.0 by 5.0 meters, how many grams of gasoline must be burned to raise the level of CO in the air to 1000 ppm by volume at STP?

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The expert determines how many grams of gasoline are needed to raise the CO. This solution includes calculations, answer, and explanation. 245 words.

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1 mole of gas makes 8 moles of carbon monoxide from this equation:
The volume is 3x5x5 = 75 m^3, we have 1000 parts Octane per million parts air.

A unit of concentration often used when measuring levels of pollutants in air, water, body fluids, etc. One ppm is 1 part in 1,000,000. The common unit ...

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