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Innovative Tools and Analyzing Material

1. Visit a hardware store, home improvement store, or equivalent. Describe one innovative or "different" tool if you can find one. Describe the tool and what makes it innovative or different.
If you cannot find an innovative or different tool, describe a traditional tool and identify a fault with this traditional tool. You should describe the tool well enough so that we can all visualize it and its use(s).

2. Visit The American Optometric Association web page ( and read through the material. Tell me what you think of this material. Keep it short. A paragraph will do.

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1. The hardware device I have chosen that is the newest and most innovative tool to appear in construction is the Saw Gear. The innovativeness of this tool allows for carpenters to dramatically limit the amount of time necessary for completing jobs. The average time reported saved ranges from 25%-30% less time spent on work, which is good for home improvement jobs as well as contractors. The genius in this tool lies within its ability to eliminate the necessity to measure and mark material that ...

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The solution uses innovative tools and analyzes material.