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Technology and management functions

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Examples of how management might expect technology to improve business.

How would the current technology meet or fail to meet business needs?

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Technology is improving business in every aspect whether its marketing, finance, production or human resources.
World has become smaller and workplaces has become flexible due to advancement of technology. Modern communications technology provides the means to manage the most challenging issue or crisis situations. Internet is a powerful tool for strengthening relationships. The use of both Internet and intranet as tools is helping the organizations achieve its objectives.
The most important benefit is of using the new breed of communication management technology is that it puts the full potential of the Internet as a communication tool in the hands of executives or communicators and removes control from technicians, Web programmers, and IT managers who understand technology but do not understand the communication demands of the instant news world. Through technology, the communication within the organization has become more effective. In addition, technology is also enhancing the organization's capabilities to produce their products in a better manner. As a result, organization can be more lean and cost-effective.

Web2 can help the business in harnessing collective intelligence through hyper linking. Here new users can add new content by linking to it. For example metacafe.com is an online video library which gets numerous additions daily.
Another example is Wikipedia. With web2 even a non web designer can put the content easily.

Thus the future of the organization relies on its ability to adapt to technological advancements. For example Apple Computer has created a revolution within the music industry with innovative creations, such as, the iPod and iTunes. These products allow immediate access to downloadable music that is replacing traditional music CD subscription services. Apple Computer is poised to create another revolution within the movie industry with the ...

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This solution explains how technology currently either meets or fails to meet modern day business needs.

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