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A day in the life of a project manager

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Using an articles or web site relating to "a day in the life of a project manager" and "project manager skills."
Answer the following two questions:
1. What do you believe are some of the most important things a project manager has to handle on a daily basis?
2. What are at least three skills a project manager will need in order to be successful?

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1. What do you believe are some of the most important processes a project manager has to handle on a daily basis?

Some of the most important processes project managers handle on a daily basis entail the necessity to focus on customer needs, as this represents the single most important success factor in reference to whether a project successful in delivering what the customer really needs. The next most important process that occurs on a daily basis entails delivering on (your) promises, which requires for the project manager to meet deadlines that they've established and build credibility ensuring that clients and stakeholders can maintain trust in (you). Therefore, no matter how small or big a deadline is, (you) must ensure that you always deliver when you state (you) will. On a daily basis, project managers must ensure that they remain proactive while consistently focusing their efforts and attention on long-term goals that will benefit the project as opposed to only reacting to current at-the-moment situations that arise on a daily basis.

Project managers must bring the best out of their teams on a daily basis because the team is responsible for ensuring that the project is successfully completed. Therefore, the project leader has to nurture ...

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A discussion on skills that are required to be a successful project manager on a day to day basis.

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