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Evaluation of Performance Appraisal Process

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The following performance appraisal form (attached) was adopted by CRB, Inc., a small car restoration business. It was filled out by Al Brown, the owner of CRB, Inc., because he has been told he should give all of his employees an appraisal of their performance. This particular form was given to the foreman, Robert (Bob) Jared, to complete the employee comments; Al then filled in the supervisor comments sections.

As you review the performance appraisal form, please respond to the following questions.

1. Provide a detailed evaluation of the form. What components are necessary? What is missing and what should be added? Is anything optional? Provide a brief explanation of your responses.

2. Assess the advantages and disadvantages of having the supervisor and the subordinate complete this form.

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Solution Summary

Analysis of performance can help the company management to train the employees in specific areas of business in which the performance is lacking. An example of such an analysis is attached in Word.

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