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    Control Process: Performance Appraisal

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    Looking for assistance with the below assignment. Please provide 150 - 250 words to help with creating a nice foundation to my final assignment. Thanks!

    Select one control process relative to the module objectives: hiring, performance appraisal, or responsiveness to customer demand. Based on your findings within module readings and through outside business research, post a 500 to 750 word composition that summarizes the control measure and qualify by example how it should be a part of an organization's standard operating procedures. Peer responses should continue a dialogue with your classmates by contributing additional information and claims directly related to your peers' points of view. Importantly, demonstrate the breadth of your knowledge on this subject by responding to issues that meet module objectives outside your selected topic.

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    The control process is relative to performance appraisal in my organization. The control process is carried out by the human resource department. The HR department sends a blank to every supervisor in the company and asks him to discuss and list criteria for performance evaluation during the next year ...

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