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Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment

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What is the interrelationships of curriculum, instruction, and assessment?

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The curriculum is the information and/or skills that a group of people determine to be necessary for students to learn in order to move forward to the subsequent grade/level of schooling. Typically, the state will determine this. However, states that have adopted the Common Core Standards have adopted a federally-sponsored curriculum in the interest of standardizing education across the nation to level the playing field for students nationwide. There are some curriculum decisions that are left to the discretion of the states including the introduction of state/local history in certain grades. Furthermore, the Common Core does not force districts to teach in a prescribed manner as some would assert. There are frameworks with suggested lessons/materials that are included, but are not mandated.

The curriculum is WHAT we teach.

Instruction is HOW we teach the ...

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Curriculum, instruction and assessment are inextricably intertwined. One cannot successfully occur without the others. This response looks at the relationship between the three concepts.

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